Elevenses Espresso Bar-Broadsheet, March 2011

Photography: Mia Mala McDonald

Elevenses Espresso Bar
Nestled in the entrance of a postage shop lies Elevenses Espresso Bar. Its unusual location is just one of many endearing quirks of this CBD cafe.

Fancy a game of Scrabble over lunch? Simply ask one of the friendly staff for a board. Or perhaps you require some light reading while you wait? Each table is casually strewn with anything from cycling magazines to homemade zines.

Freshly made sandwiches (four options) are packed with delicious fillings such as peach and bourbon pork, or try the Rooben on rye (an Australian twist) or The Ugly Duckling – duck roasted with orange and masala, with Swiss cheese, honey-roasted plum and watercress. The coffee is Toby’s Estate and they sell LuxBite macarons to sweeten the deal.

It’s easy on the hip pocket too; nothing on the menu is over $10.

While the venue itself may be small (two tables, three bar stools and a few two-seater tables out front) and the menu diminutive, every detail, from cuisine to character, is made with care and attention to detail. And all under the watchful eye of a friendly moose head perched on the wall.

Broadsheet, March 2011


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