Cooper and Milla’s-Broadsheet, April 2011

Photography: Kirsten Edwards

Cooper and Milla’s

To stroll past the windows Cooper and Milla’s (in Armadale and Toorak) is to instantly salivate. Trays of mouth-watering salads, pies and sweet treats beckon you in like a siren song.

Situated on High Street with another shop not far in Malvern Road, amongst several well-established cafes (Cafe Latte and Husk to name but two), Cooper and Milla’s well and truly holds its own. Free of gimmicks, the cafe prides itself on providing great food made from quality ingredients. The crisp, white walls are bare, save for a bold vintage poster and wooden shelves bearing jams and spreads. Pleasant pop streams from the stereo and the windowsill is lined with potted plants.

Food hails from the Middle East (freekeh and labna salad) to Asia (prawn pad Thai), via classic comfort fare (hearty sausage rolls). Customers also have the option of compiling their favourite dishes in a take-home hamper, perfect for lunch on the run or gifts for a friend.

Cooper and Milla’s-Broadsheet, April 2011

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