Crepes a la Carte-Broadsheet, 14th April 2011

Photography: Ben Vaughan and Liz Brumby

Crepes a la Carte at Melbourne Uni
Two conscientious students are filling the bellies of their counterparts – French style.

Melbourne University students Ben Vaughan and Liz Brumby are the kind of proactive go-getters you’d always hoped you’d be at uni. The two have recently opened a fully fledged business in the form of a French creperie – aptly titled Crepes a la Carte – all whilst completing a masters in Marketing Management and a Media Communications/Commerce double degree respectively.

One of the most impressive elements of the cart is its social awareness and a commitment to a sustainable and environmentally conscious business model. The stall itself is built from sustainably harvestable material with little environmental impact during construction; cups, bowls, napkins and cutlery are biodegradable and recyclable; local and regional produce is promoted; and bottled water is eschewed in favour of nearby water coolers to re-fill your own bottles.

Crepes a la Carte shows how small business can provide a positive impact rather than operating simply as a money-making machine. On top of this, the creperie is a strong supporter of students, and all staff members are studying at Melbourne Uni.

And what of the crepes themselves? The menu offers several options from sweet lemon and sugar or honey, banana and cinnamon to something savoury in cheese, ham and egg or the tiger special – cheese and vegemite. The Nutella classic has a crisp exterior and fleshy interior laden with hazelnut goodness that is quite simply heaven. Student or not, pop on in and check out this labour of love for yourself.

Crepes a la Carte-Broadsheet, 14th April 2011


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