Rouge-Broadsheet, March 2011

Photography: Josie Withers

Stepping across the threshold of Armadale’s French-inspired Rouge cafe instantly conjures images of breton stripes and berets, as the senses are sweetly assailed with chic Parisian fare.

At any time of day, the cosy cafe is alive with activity, as couples, friends and mums and children read the paper, sip cafe lattes and tuck into eggs benedict or crusty baguettes. Every table (inside and out) is adorned with a single red rose and a game of quoits lies stacked at the front door, ready to be played.

Rouge offers breakfast and lunch menus, which are served by friendly staff. Breakfast consists of classic pastries and croissants and various freshly made dishes, including cranberry and pistachio toasted muesli with vanilla yoghurt and freshly grated apple, and a gratin of homemade baked beans and shredded ham hock.

Lunch is similarly delectable, with baguettes, quiches and pies beaming from the café’s glass cases, as well as a daily menu featuring anything from potted cheese to pappardelle pasta.

Additionally, the cafe offers a number of homemade treats to take home, with highlights including the passionfruit and raspberry baby-cake and specially made meringues in the shapes of the alphabet.

Rouge-Broadsheet, March 2011


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