Mister Zimi-Broadsheet, 10th May 2011

Photography: Amanda Fordyce

Mister Zimi Shop Pops-Up in Windsor
Bali-based Melbourne couple pop up at home with their Mister Zimi collection this week in Windsor.

In 2007 whilst travelling through Bali, Melbourne-born Zoe Paul and husband Jimi stumbled across a local tailor who crafted Zoe the perfect leather jacket, built to her exact specifications. On her return to Australia, Zoe was overwhelmed by the response her jacket received from friends, and so an idea was born. The Paul’s established the Mister Zimi label (named after the charming moniker they were greeted by on every Balinese sojourn), producing high quality leather goods tailored to the needs of the customer.

As interest grew, so did the brand, which soon evolved to include not only jackets and bags but tops, dresses, boots and bikinis; in suede, silk and of course leather. Following several return trips to Bali, the workload became too great, and the couple packed their bags and relocated to Indonesia.

All items of clothing are made to order via their website, and each piece can be tweaked to the customer’s requirements. Additionally some ready-made pieces are available at Design a Space in Melbourne or their flagship store in Seminyak.

To celebrate the launch of their latest Winter/Spring range a Mister Zimi pop-up shop has landed off Chapel Street, where you can try the garments, feel the fabrics and order your own custom-made item.

Mister Zimi-Broadsheet, 10th May 2011


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