Wee Jeanie-Broadsheet, April 2011

Photography: Kirsten Edwards

Wee Jeanie

Just a short ride across the Westgate, or a hop, skip and a jump from the Yarraville train station, lies Wee Jeanie, a sibling to popular nearby eatery Cornershop.

Owned and run by friendly Scotsman and hospitality veteran Iain Munro, Wee Jeanie is perfect for a quick caffeine hit or a relaxed sit-down with the paper and a cuppa. Named after lollie-loving wee Jeanie of a popular Scottish song (whose image adorns the menus), the cafe is abuzz with the chatter of friends and families.

The vibe of Wee Jeanie’s is one of laidback cool and total relaxation, likened by Munro to sitting in your own kitchen with the sunshine streaming in – and the description is spot on.

Fitting with the theme, the mood and food reflect the comfortable aesthetic. An exposed brick wall houses a cosy fireplace, and a large communal table rests in the small outside courtyard. The cuisine is homely and homemade, and features a variety of salads, soups, quiches and sweeter treats. A specialty of the house is the Welsh rarebit, a ploughman’s lunch-like favourite made with cheddar cheese, Guinness, cayenne pepper, mustard and Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins preferred). Jeanie would be proud.

Wee Jeanie-Broadsheet, April 2011


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