A Shop Called Milton-Broadsheet, 24th August 2011

Photography: Josie Withers

A New Face for Milton
Greville Street’s A Shop Called Milton, now with added coffee.

In its original incarnation, A Shop Called Milton was a cosy, laidback space in Greville Street selling handmade homewares to shoppers wandering along the Prahran strip.

One such wanderer, Alison Lloyd, fell in love with the space and enquired with owners (and artisans) Amy Wright and Jess Cameron-Wootten about the possibility of adding a café. Six months later, the newly renovated Milton was created, retaining the original comfort with an added caffeine hit.

The retail side of the operation comprises a host of handmade, Australian design and art objects, including ceramics by Bridget Bodenham and Karen Ho, Gretchen Mist prints, Truffaux hats and Carla Way jewellery. Additionally, A Shop Called Milton stocks treasures by shop owners Wright (a textile designer) and Cameron-Wootten (an accessories and industrial designer), including handcrafted Wootten leather shoes and pieces from Wright’s Wunderplant label such as screen-printed cushions, quilts, napkins and scarves.

For the time being, the cafe side of things (handled by hospitality/marketing aficionado Lloyd, formerly of Stokehouse, Cutler and Co. and Vue de Monde) serves soft drinks, tea and Five Senses coffee. However, within the next month Milton plans to also offer customers a breakfast, lunch and take-away dinner options.

A Shop Called Milton-Broadsheet, 24th August 2011


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