Combi Coffee-Broadsheet, 8th July 2011

On the Move with Combi Coffee
Combi Coffee might have began as a freewheeling festivalgoer, but it’s now also planted itself on solid ground with a couple of cafes in Melbourne’s bayside.

If you happen to be an avid music festivalgoer, chances are you have sipped on a much-needed latte provided by Combi Coffee’s coffee van.

The project of South Australian native and former Adelaide Fringe Festival organiser Anthony Baker and his partner Penny Loughnan, Combi Coffee has been providing punters with their caffeine fix at events as diverse as the Meredith Music Festival, Queensland’s Dreaming Festival and the Falls Festival in Lorne and Tasmania.

About three years ago, following a life spent mainly on the road, Baker opened Combi Coffee Cafe in the bayside suburb of Elwood, establishing another permanent residence at Albert Park in March of this year.

A small menu of toasted sandwiches and Little Bertha slices are available at both venues, as well as salads and Vegie Curry Man vegan soups at Albert Park.

When not on the road, the Combi van is parked alongside the Albert Park cafe, where visitors can gather and enjoy a fair-trade, certified organic coffee roasted in the Yarra Mountain Ranges.

From the mountains to the beach and all the festivals in between, Combi Coffee is on the move.

Combi Coffee-Broadsheet, 8th July 2011


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