Grove and Vine-Broadsheet, 8th June 2011

Biodynamic Wine at Grove & Vine
Grove & Vine Providore opens on Yarra Lane showcasing the bounty of boutique winemakers producing organic and biodynamic wine.

It’s easy to see that proprietors Sherri Dickinson and Roger Duncan of new wine store Grove & Vine Providore in South Yarra’s up-and-coming Yarra Lane enjoy a glass of wine. The couple speak of shiraz and sparkling with a twinkle in their eye.

The former owners of Superfino Delicatessen in the CBD have opened Grove & Vine to celebrate the work of boutique wineries and vineyards that embrace organic and biodynamic grape growing from all over Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Unlike many bottle shops, the offering is small, but each bottle has been selected with the utmost care and attention to detail, drawing on an assortment of old world wines made in an old-school fashion and wines of the new world that take the traditional techniques and adapt them to modern times. Regionally themed wine tastings are on every day.

Sherri and Roger are always up for a chat about their wines and are happy to offer suggestions on bottles best paired with their selection of delicious gourmet produce also available on site, such as Martelli pasta and Saskia Beer free range bacon.

Grove and Vine-Broadsheet, 8th June, 2011


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