M.T.O Industry-Broadsheet, 30th August 2011

Photography: Kristoffer Paulsen

Tailored Fits at Made To Order
Get jeans, frocks and accessories made to fit you just right at a new shop in Northcote selling only custom made items.

Up the hill in Northcote is the new M.T.O (Made To Order) Industry, a design studio come retail space where bespoke clothing and accessory designers converge to consult with clients and sell their wares.

M.T.O is the brainchild of local creatives Emma Gallagher and Sean Jeffery, whose handcrafted pieces are available to order, made to your exact specifications.

While Emma’s expertise lies in dresses and accessories, Sean is best known for his tailor-made BSBS jeans. Originally created for mates upstairs at The Gem in Collingwood, demand quickly grew, hence the need for a larger space. Made using premium denim, the possibilities are endless, as client and designer work on wash, rise, leg and stitching.

During the initial consultation, the client is measured and a block is made for $200 (including your first pair of jeans). From then on, new styles can be made using the original block (tweaked as you so choose), for $150 to $180 depending on the style.

M.T.O also features bespoke items from the likes of Lily Fraser, unique homewares by Dell Stewart and Blacklisted Belts among others.

M.T.O opens over the weekend as part of the Craft Cubed Festival, and is your one stop shop for a completely customised wardrobe.

M.T.O Industry-Broadsheet, 30th August 2011


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