Creperie Le Triskel-Broadsheet, June 2012

Creperie Le TriskelPhotography: Josie Withers

When made in savoury form, the seemingly humble crepe is actually known as a galette. And unlike its sweeter sibling, it is made using buckwheat flour as opposed to the more common wheat flour.

At Creperie Le Triskel in Hardware Lane, traditional Brittany crepes and galettes are the order of the day and are a satisfying plate warmer for any meal. Here, the galettes arrive folded like an envelope and are filled with an abundance of meat, vegetables and deliciously oozing cheese. The sweet crepes, meanwhile, come bundled as a pouch, filled with homemade chocolate or warm raspberry coulis.

The breakfast menu also includes many typical French delicacies like tartines with butter and jam, homemade Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame, and freshly baked croissants with sweet or savoury filling options.

To drink, there is Five Senses coffee (served in a bowl if that tickles your fancy), French sodas and a few French wines and ciders.And while their tagline may read ‘Arrogantly French’, this should not be misread, as owners Michael Gatta-Castel and Patrizia Maselli (also of La Petite Creperie) are anything but. Rather, the tongue-in-cheek statement refers to all that is found in this cosy space, from French magazines and newspapers, to French melodies piped blissfully throughout.

Creperie Le Triskel-Broadsheet, June 2012

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