Izzi & Popo-Broadsheet, 1st October 2011

izziPhotography: Bonnie Lo

Izzi & Popo

On the hunt for a fabulous piece of furniture? The perfect wedding or birthday gift? A unique piece of bric-a-brac? Chances are you will find them at South Melbourne’s Izzi & Popo, a wonderland of beautiful and unusual pieces, sourced from the markets of Belgium.

Owned by Bernadette Wyer and husband Harry Silman, their Belgian friends Daan and Mariette (whose daughters Izzi and Popo lend the store their names), and managed by Denise Hylands, every wall, corner and floor space of the two showrooms and basement space is laden with clever finds that echo an assortment of European influences.

The store itself stands alone in Ferrars Street and recently celebrated its seventh birthday, a testament to the quality of the product. Prices range from $20 to $6000, however most hover around the $150 to $350 mark. Items include (but are certainly not limited to) furniture, taxidermy, vintage pots and glassware, old schoolroom posters, cutlery and crockery, and wedding script printing letters. Additionally, Izzi & Popo boast their own bed linen line, Frank & Mint, designed onsite and created in Portugal. Happy Hunting!

Izzi & Popo-Broadsheet, 1st October 2011


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