King & Stone Pop Up-Broadsheet, 3rd October 2012

King and StonePhotography: Josie Withers

A Pop-Up Presentation

King & Stone in Armadale plays host to a carousel of rotating pop-up shops. First up is Love & Lustre.

You don’t need to be a genius to realise that retail isn’t in the greatest shape right now. Consumers who would once rush to boutiques on payday, are now much more wary when splashing their cash and are far more likely to browse online in their lunch breaks for a fabulous find.

There is much to be said however for an actual shopping experience. Being doted on by attentive staff, running fabric through your fingers or admiring the finer details of a piece of furniture are experiences that simply cannot be replicated online. So how do we find a balance between the virtual world and the tactile experience?

Such was the question that resonated with Matthew Duffy, a player in the rag trade for over 20 years and the owner of furniture and homewares store King & Stone, located in a cosy nook on Rose Street, Armadale.

Starting in October the store will be transformed into King & Stone Presents, a monthly, rotating pop-up shop built around the idea of “an amalgamation of thoughts and a stage for a managed business” in which labels with a strong online presence will be making a boutique appearance. Labels will be both Australian and international, covering anything from clothing to furniture and will all boast “ethics, passion and uniqueness”.

First up is Love & Lustre, the much-admired lingerie label known for their quality fabrics and classic cuts. Until now, the label has been sold in a small array of boutiques and department stores, but is yet to occupy a standalone space.

It’s safe to say that there is nowhere else quite like King & Stone Presents, and with each boutique only open for a month, you’d better get in quick or risk missing out.

King & Stone Pop Up-Broadsheet, 3rd October 2012


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