Bendigo Street Milk Bar-Broadsheet, March 2012


Bendigo Street Milk Bar

While the Bendigo Street Milk Bar in Richmond may not be as flash as some of its contemporaries, this cafe and milk bar more than makes up for it in good coffee, yummy breakfast, sangas and a concise specials list.

Much like the small eateries you pop into on your way through a country town, this cafe not only offers food and coffee, but a selection of mixed goodies including AG artisan bread, Persian fairy floss, Royal Nut Company nuts, and of course the usual milk bar staples.

With seating inside, out front or in the courtyard out back, there is plenty of space to hoe into an egg and bacon roll, Thai chicken wrap or a bush-spiced calamari special.

It may not be like the slick cafes we have grown accustomed to, but the lovely staff, quiet location and fuss-free food are testament to why regulars and visitors alike keep coming back.

Bendigo Street Milk Bar-Broadsheet, March 2012

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