Building your Brand Part One: Mantras-GXY Search, 20th February 2012

GXY-CD-16th-February-2012-imageBuilding your Brand Part One: Mantras

Sometimes at GXY Headquarters we come across some genius articles that we simply can’t ignore, they are so super spot on.  Such was the case this morning when PR whiz Nick Smith came across this little ripper via The Daily Muse on, entitled The First Step to Building Your Personal Brand.

During the career transition process, (and even when you are gainfully employed), every single move you make will be thoroughly scrutinised; so it is important that when you are jobseeking, you discover your brand and what it stands for, and continue to maintain it to the best of your ability.

Don’t be naïve when assessing your employer’s personality, as no matter how cupcake cute and cuddly they may appear, their first movement will be to jump on the web and track your online footprint.  And if a job role comes down to you and someone else who is not puffing away/bleary eyed/swearing like a sailor on Facebook, it’s pretty much a given the latter will come up trumps.

So how do you ensure your brand is bloody brill?  Well, the first step according to the aforementioned article is to develop your brand ‘mantra’.

Now hold your horses those of you with a phobia of all things Age of Aquarius, as we are not suggesting you grow dreads and join a naked chanting circle.  In the case of your personal branding mantra we are simply suggesting a catchphrase of sorts, that will sum up who you are and what you represent.

The Daily Muse suggests a few simple steps.  For the purpose of this post lets pick a case study,  up-and-coming actor Ryan Gosling.   Ok I have Oscars on the brain but it IS round the corner and don’t fret as once we hit the 27th July it’ll be all about the Olympics baby.

But back to branding mantras.

The first step is to find your emotional appeal.  Are you organised? Hysterically funny?  Incredibly wise?  It doesn’t have to be elaborate either, it can be as simple as HAPPY or SAD.  Also note that there are no negative connotations in branding.  If you were to pick a word like ‘sad’ you must recognise that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if this is applicable to the roles you are interested in then go for it!

Consider how you make people feel, and what others think of you.  The perfect word for Ryan is obviously DREAMY but for his emotional appeal let’s go with ROMANTIC.  This is probably a little one-dimensional as he obviously has more than rom-com appeal, but it’s definitely one of his emotional traits.  And come on, even blokes were moved by The Notebook.

Next you need to determine a description for yourselves-what do you stand for, what is your industry?  If you were an athlete you could pick FIT, ACTIVE etc.  Maybe you are a little less black and white, and are simply CREATIVE.  As RG’s field is on the silver screen, let’s pick ENTERTAINING.

Finally, your brand mantra must reflect what it is you actually do!  Are you a writer, graphic deigner, plumber, PR whiz, media magnate, marketing guru, fashionista?  What services can you offer?  What makes you stand out from the crowd?  Gosling would be a PERFORMER.

So there you have it folks-a chant free guide to get your brand on a roll, the first step to a successful career reboot.

And now let us leave you with one of the all time great moments in cinematic history, starring our ROMANTIC, ENTERTAINING PERFORMER Mr Ryan Gosling.

Building your Brand Part One: Mantras -GXY Search, 20th February 2012


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