Let’s talk Money Honey-GXY Search, 14th February 2012

GXY-Search-8th-February-2012-imageLet’s talk Money Honey

Of all the conversations we will have in our lifetimes a percentage of them are bound to be incredibly awkward.  Atop this list is easily “the talk” with your parents about the birds and the bees (probably highly unnecessary anyway, as we all really learn the facts of life on the playground, and your parents only do ‘it’ to procreate no?).

Coming in at a strong second is that awkward moment in a job interview when the discussion turns to salary.  You’ve smiled, dazzled and wowed them with your skills when suddenly the subject of money hits the table.  Many job experts will strongly advise against bringing this tricky subject up yourself, but what do you do if the interviewer does?

This is a sensitive topic and one that should be handled with care.  If you reveal high salary expectations you could easily come off as greedy.  If you offer up too low an expectation you could be taken for a ride, and more importantly making it trickier to pay off those dreaded credit card bills.

Hopefully, prior to your interview you have done a little research.  Checked out salary surveys online, viewed the market research, chatted to recruiters, even chatted to people in similar roles.  This will at least give you an insight into the potential of the role payment.

Take into consideration not only what price you want, but what you think you deserve.  Confidence is key here, whatever salary expectation you reveal you must be able to back it up with your skills and abilities in line with such a package, and BELIEVE IT! Salary increases are all about paying for performance – just demonstrate to your boss your results and achievements, as this will speak volumes.

Don’t forget either that perks can always sweeten a deal.  The salary on offer may be slightly lower than you’d hoped but what of the bonuses?  Is it a great culture to work in?  This is a crucial point, because if you hate your co-workers you are likely to grow to hate the job.

Do they offer bonuses? Does the company finish at 3pm on Fridays? Do they have lunch time personal training? Maybe you get free tickets to events and parties? Is there potential to move to a greater salary down the line?

Similarly, consider the expectations of a higher salary.  Often this will come with a side of longer working hours (including weekends), or the belief that you will be available for contact 24 hours, seven days a week.  Now I don’t know about you, but receiving an urgent email in the wee hours of a Sunday morning is not high on my list of priorities.

So heed this advice job seekers, and hopefully you will be rewarded accordingly.

Let’s talk Money Honey-GXY Search, 14th February 2012


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