LINKED IN vs FACEBOOK: A User’s Guide-GXY Search, 25th January 2012

GXY-Search-25th-January-2012-imageLINKED IN vs FACEBOOK

They both boast the ability to ‘connect’ you with those around you-some you may know, some, not-so-much. Both help you get into the innermost thoughts of others, and above all, both can be supremely affective time-wasting tools. The difference with Linked In and Facebook however, is that one is for work, one for play, and never shall the two intertwine. Because as we have seen with Lindsay Lohan and her embarrassment of an acting career, sometimes unprofessionalism cannot be overlooked.

While no one will bat an eye if you add five thousand of your nearest, dearest, randomest, weirdest mates on Stalkbook, the same cannot be said for Linked In, and the reasons are twofold.

1. Firstly, It’s one thing to add the cute guy/gal from the gym you’ve had your eye on to the Book, but Linked In is for BUSINESS people-and not the funny sort you’re picturing in your dirty minds. Stick to those who are in your industry or at least are semi relevant!

2. Having said that, there are occasions when you should add someone who may have no relevance to you, but has contacts who are. Do some research and see if it is worth your while. Again, this is a business site so simply adding someone because their friends are hot, or for the sake of feeling popular, aint gonna cut the mustard.

Once you have created this awesome online network it’s time to treat them right. While your Facebook updates can spout to all and sundry what you had for breakfast, what you’re watching on TV, and just how hungover you are; your Linked In contacts do not care, and will be highly unimpressed. Updates should focus on work, and remain relevant to you.

And, in the same vein of thought- DON’T SPAM! Aggressive self-promotion written on group walls or via private message is annoying and unnecessary. Actually that one goes for Facebook too.

Finally, be wary of recommendations. Ok so this has no relevance to Facey but is valid nonetheless. Recruiters will often take your recommendations with a grain of salt, and again the reasons are twofold.

1. Why would anyone knowingly publish an unflattering recommendation? It’s funny how you never see anything less than glowing on there…

2. Recruiters and potential employers will ALWAYS follow up on your recommendations even if they are the most staggeringly amazing write-ups of all time. Amazing really-who would have thought there would be any non-truths on the internet?

So there you have it all you savvy job hunters. Just few tasty tidbits to keep you on the right side of your social media track.

LINKED IN vs FACEBOOK: A User’s Guide-GXY Search, 25th January 2012


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