Massive Wieners-Broadsheet, 10th February 2012

MWPhotography: Josie Withers

Massive Wieners – Put Them Between Some Buns

Dirty jokes aside, sausages are the flavour of the day at this hot new dog stand in Prahran.

Chances are, upon hearing the name of Greville Street’s latest hot dog hangout Massive Wieners, you will either burst out laughing or take it as a cure to unleash a barrage of dirty jokes. Well, you can rest your puerile minds folks, for there is much more to be said about these dogs that doesn’t require censoring.

Opened by Dave Brennan and Liam Magee, Massive Wieners is the latest in a long line of entrepreneurial ventures by these fun-loving mates. Dressed in sharp, short-sleeved shirts and bow ties, every aspect of Massive Wieners has a sense of humour, and snagged consumers can’t help but get into the spirit down south.

The wieners themselves come in three sizes – the 12” ‘Massive Wiener’, the 6” ‘Average Joe’ and the 3” ‘Little Pecker’ – and are tailor-made from pork (with a soy option for vegetarians), dished up in buns delivered daily from a local baker and served with relishes and toppings including sauerkraut, cheddar cheese, beef and bean chilli sauce or jalapenos.

With plans to partake in the upcoming Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, an inaugural wiener-eating competition (60 inches of hot dogs), a ‘secret menu’ and carts inside and out of The Prince during the St Kilda Festival, these two princes of the sausage are just getting started.

Massive Wieners-Broadsheet, 10th February 2012


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