Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block-GXY Search, 16th February 2012


Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block

So by now you have all managed to work your social media magic on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  You’ve bought the book, seen the movie and are essentially the whiz kid on the social media block.  So now it’s time to up the ante and go new school.  It’s time to get to know Pinterest. This new, powerful marketing tool is bloody killing it, with a recent Shareaholic Referral Traffic Report reporting “Pinterest drives more referral traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!”  OMG!

 Signing up to Pinterest (done by requesting an invite or receiving one from a fellow pinterest using friend) allows you to create several virtual pinboards. Essentially, when you see a pretty picture on a website you can ‘pin it’ to one of your boards.  These pins are instantly attributed to the site they came from (freeing you from any nasty copyright infringement issues), and aide you and your followers to click through to said image and often buy the displayed product.

This means if you have wares to sell you can essentially add their images to a pinboard which will then link them back to YOUR website allowing for greater traffic to your brand.  Don’t be too one-dimensional though-mix it up.  Your pinboards can be of anything you like, not just YOU YOU YOU!  Throw in some funny pictures boards, fashion images you love, sporting heros, gadgets you want to buy-the possibilities are literally endless!  Brides bloody love it and go wedding crazy with pinboards for flowers, jewellery, settings…

Remember though, this is still social media and thus is utilised best when you ‘follow’ others, ‘like’ their posts and ‘share’ their stuff you also like.  The more you interact with others the more hits you are likely to get in return.

The Pinterest point is also all about the visual.  There is no point in linking to articles or anything else in that vein as it’s the wrong platform to do so.  Stick to eye-catching images and if you need more info add in a short, sharp description and even pricing.

Pinterest can also be used to get a little inside into the folks having a squiz at your boards.  Now by no means are we suggesting a crazy single white female-esque stalk show into those that have been kind enough to follow you; but rather an important marketing insight into what the people like, and want-a valuable resource to keep your pinboards current and in demand.


Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block-GXY Search, 16th February 2012


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