Sicilian Orange-Broadsheet, March 2012

sicillianPhotography: Josie Withers

Sicilian Orange

Just peer into the windows of Sicilian Orange in Prahran and cue the clichés: bottles of Chianti lining the windows, small dining tables scattered throughout, waiters Italian peppering their sentences with Italian phrases, and visions of ‘just like Nonna used to make’.

Well yes, Sicilian Orange is all these things and more. A pleasant change amongst the slick vibe of Greville Street, this cosy Italian restaurant is simple, sweet and authentic. Open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it has all the trappings one would expect from home-style Italian dining.

Primi, secondi and antipasti platters feature the usual meat and pasta fare – think scallopini and seafood risotto. Finish with a sweet treat (perhaps a gelati-style affogato with a shot of espresso?) and wash it all down with a glass of wine from the decent wine list or even a late night Grappa.

It all combines to make Sicilian Orange a great spot for a relaxed meal with mates in a cosy ambience.

Sicilian Orange-Broadsheet, March 2012


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