What to expect during your Career Reboot-GXY Reboot, 22nd February 2012

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What to expect during your Career Reboot

We talk a lot about career transition and rebooting your career here at GXY not only because we have a fabulous program that can help you sort your shit out, but also because many of us here have also experienced serious job confusion and if we can shed any light on the subject well that’s just peachy.

So as Sister Maria once trilled whilst frolicking in the Austrian countryside-lets start at the very beginning: your career reboot basics.  Making the change is likely to be a barrage of highs and lows so it’s good to get an idea of what to expect.

 Firstly, learn to love the waiting game cos waiting to hear back for a job can be rather like sitting by the phone waiting for a date to call.  Once you have signed up for the obligatory search boards like SEEK, The Loop, Mumbrella and Pedestrian.TV (to name but a few), joined a recruitment company like GXY Search, and sent out seemingly thousands of letters of interest; chances are you will only hear back from a handful.

Speaking of resumes, be prepared to get yours in tip top shape.  A crap resume will not be accepted, nor will one filled with useless information-no one cares that you were the lead singer in year 9 choir, nor that you won the 25 metre sprint in Prep.

Your cover letter should also sparkle, and be tailored towards the job you are applying for.  The extra effort will always be appreciated.

As we have mentioned here before, you may also need to think outside the square and work on your contacts.  Networking is a key part of the career transition process and as you can be introduced to some brilliant people.

You must also come up with a plan should you get the call that you are wanted for an interview.  A quick Google Search will turn up a host of frequently asked interview questions and a recruiter can easily guide you along the right path.

Be prepared though, that despite all your hard work, sometimes fate steps in to mess with your plans. It’s a tough part of the job seeking reality but sometimes, even when you do your best, the fates align against you and you miss out.  It’s up to you however to scrape yourself off the ground and get back out there.

Trust us, the right position will come along eventually and all the effort will be worth it.

What to expect during your Career Reboot-GXY Reboot, 22nd February 2012

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