Fashion Recruitment in Melbourne and Sydney – Motivation and Commitment in Career Transition-GXY Reboot, 13th March 2012

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Fashion Recruitment in Melbourne and Sydney – Motivation and committment in Career Transition

Often when you are in the midst of a career transition you will discover that motivation can fall by the wayside.  When your initial gung-ho mentality takes a beating it can be very easy to chuck in the towel and take the easiest way out.  It’s easy to forget the whole reason you had a crack at a career reboot in the first place.

For those of you who think you’ll get a guarantee that things wont turn pear-shaped, you need to ask yourself “Are you havin’ a laugh!?”  The reality is, in the big bad job world there are simply NO guarantees.  At a certain point you just have to go with gut, reboot yourself, make like Roxette and listen to your heart.

However few guarantees there may be in life is no excuse not to commit.  When you find yourself on a new career path, it is important that you envision your end goal and stick to it.  And we’re not talking the kind of goals performed by the great Gary Ablett (Junior or Senior-take your pick), but the invisible kind that you strive for, the kind that may seem to elude you in the beginning but are there waiting for you reach them.

Once you have established the end goal you need to create a few mini-goals, small tasks or action steps that will make your career transition a whole lot easier.  Try and do at least one task a day.  Maybe one day you brush up your CV.  The next you could meet with someone you admire for their advice.  Another could be spent researching universty courses to further improve your skills.

No need to work on the weekends though gang you’ve still got to have a life, so make like any other Gen X or Y and head to the pub for a few ales-hell you deserve it after all your mini-goal achievements!

Be prepared that along the way you will hit a few speed bumps that could make it difficult to stay committed to the dream.  Of all the obstacles you will face along the way (and at GXY Reboot we have seen them ALL!), the greatest will undoubtedly be yourself.  We’ve all got that little voice in our heads that tells us to “pack it in”, “it’s all too hard”, or “go back to what you know”.  Not only is this counter-productive but it’s not true!!  You will get there in the end you’ve just got to ignore that nagging voice and get on with it!!

Don’t forget to celebrate this decision too!  It’s big and it’s scary and its crazy and it’s friggin awesome all at the same time!  And it may seem like you’ll never get there but trust us you will and once you reap those rewards and reboot your career the endless slog will seem so damn sweet.

Fashion Recruitment in Melbourne and Sydney – Motivation and commitment in Career Transition-GXY Search, 13th March 2012


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