Gasolina-Broadsheet, 29th March 2012

gasPhotography: Josie Withers

The Tables are Pumping at Gasolina

A new cafe for the business folk of Bayside.

Tucked beneath a newly renovated office building in Gladstone Street, South Melbourne sits Gasolina, a new cafe that has been feeding and caffeinating business folk and locals for the past couple of weeks.

Built with old-fashioned gas stations in mind (there’s a tonne of car dealerships in the neighbourhood), the cafe is decked-out with all the appropriate trimmings, from the vintage petrol pump in the corner and stools made from old drums of Mansion Wax Polish to the refurbished ceiling lamps made from those once used to peer under car hoods. There’s even a mini Michelin man to top things off.

Owner Rob Maisano (Snow Pony Mt Buller, Sabre Cafe) started Gasolina to service the local clientele in an industrial-style setting that was still comfortable and not too contrived.

The menu is simple yet thoughtful and offers breakfast and lunch fare to devour alongside juice or coffee (Five Senses). Choose from eggs with soldiers, ricotta pancakes with fruit labne and mascarpone, or a trio of arancini with napoli and parmesan. Good luck trying to leave without a piece of homemade slice or a lolly bag.

Gasolina-Broadsheet, 29th March 2012


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