The 3 C’s to Career Success-GXY Search, 7th March 2012

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The 3 C’s to Career Success

When you meet someone for the first time, it often helps to repeat their name in your head in an effort to make it stick. Clunky segue aside, the same can be said when you are on the job hunt, as it helps to have a mantra in mind to remind yourself of the end goal.   It can be disheartening when doors are literally and metaphorically shut in your face time after time, but if you can keep a clear head and live by a few basic principles, you will be more inclined to keep focus and stay on the right path.

Firstly, it helps to remind yourself “I am CONFIDENT”.  While you may have the faith and surety of your friends, family and peers that you will succeed, if you don’t believe in yourself you are destined for disaster.  Even Forrest Gump knew he wasn’t an idiot and the man inspired Elvis’ snazzy moves and the infamous “Shit Happens” bumper sticker for goodness sake!  Each day, as you put yourself out there remind yourself of all the amazing abilities you have to offer, particularly when you hit a bump in the road-acknowledge your mistakes but be strong enough to move on from them.

Next, you’ve gotta remember “I am COMMITTED”!  Stick to your guns, and don’t give up!!  Sounds cheesy but it is oh so true!  That dream fashion job, marketing role or PR career is calling your name (contact us to find out more at GXY Search!), so COMMIT to the journey because you will eventually get there, and all your struggles you endure along the way will only make it that much sweeter in the end.  Hell, look at certified train wreck Lindsay Lohan, she even did time in the slammer but the gal just keeps on keeping on! Even her latest disastrous effort on SNL surely wont hold La Lohan down, and that my friends, is true commitment.

Finally, when chanting your inner mantra never forget “I am in CONTROL”.  You and only you, hold your destiny in your palms and don’t you forget it.  Look at all those kids on Top Model-when Tyra, Nigel or the great Andre Leon Talley gets stuck into them for not “smizing” enough, or having “no neck” (first world problems people), they just keep their chin up, put their shoulders back and smize the shit out of their next photo shoot.  Take criticism in your stride peops and learn from it, because at the end of the day it’s up to you to take the reigns.

So follow these important three C’s, and who knows that dream job in Melbourne fashion could be right round the corner…

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The 3 C’s to Career Success-GXY Search, 7th March 2012


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