The Peoples Market-Broadsheet, 15th March 2012

fleaPhotography: J Forsyth

A Flea Market at The Docklands?

Will good coffee, fresh fruit and veg, music and tarot card readings entice weekend wanderers to the Docklands?

Created by brother and sister duo Niki and Stephen Filipovic, the People’s Market & Flea, aims to offer a little something for the curious weekend wanderer.

Upon entering the market, situated in an abandoned parking lot at the western end of New Quay, you are instantly greeted by a buzz of activity. Coffee is served by the team at Padre and in the afternoon, artists work on shipping container walls, while DJ’s spin some tunes. Flea attendees dine on wooden crates as they tuck into Phat Brats (a sausage venture soon to open permanently in Fitzroy), paella or Korean twist potatoes.

Once you make your way past the hubbub, it’s time to check out the rows of goods on offer at the stalls themselves. You can buy clothes, jewellery, wooden flowers, Moroccan oil, goat’s milk soap or even have your tarot cards read. As with most flea markets, “unique” can often be a flattering way to describe what might otherwise be termed “junk”, but those prepared to do a bit of rummaging could stumble across some real gems.

The best part of the Flea, though, is undoubtedly the farmer’s produce. Robust pumpkins mingle with plump avocados, while local farmers selling meat and homemade caramel are stationed alongside relish made from vine-ripened tomatoes.

While the People’s Market & Flea got off to a seemingly slow start, we wonder if this concept is enticing enough to get the crowds down there on Saturday.

Note: If you’re taking public transport, catch the 86 tram from Spencer Street Station, as it’s a serious schlep on foot!

The Peoples Market-Broadsheet, 15th March 2012


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