AM Living-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012

AM LivingAM Living

Fulfill All Your Modern Vintage Needs In This Treasure Trove Of Wonders

AM Living was founded in 1968 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  It is fitting really that it has travelled through time and across the seas to find itself in Australia, as the wares it offers smart spenders come from all across the globe in timeless and contemporary form.

Crafted by skilled artisans, the collection of modern classics are made using the best quality materials, and each have a story to tell, from sailing to cartography, science and exploration.

The collection of pieces includes furniture, lighting, artifacts, and replicas, and each piece will liven up any home or office.  Indeed, esteemed international brand Louis Vuitton was so impressed by AM Living’s hot air balloon miniatures, they snapped them up to adorn their renowned window displays!

Children’s rooms are also a fabulous space to receive the AM Living Midas touch, as it’s a treasure trove for handcrafted toys, furniture and homewares to give your little poppet’s sanctuary a vintage, old-worldly feel.  From Cadillac headlamps, stateroom bars or olden-time globes of the world, there is something to be found to suit all tastes at AM Living.

AM Living-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012


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