Ben and Jerry’s-Broadsheet, 16th November 2012

bjPhotography: Josie Withers

Do Good and Feel Good With Ben & Jerry’s

The American purveyors of ice creamy goodness set up shop on Chapel Street.

Ever had an evening when you’ve polished off a meal but needed that little something sweet for dessert? Ever cried from a break-up over a tub of frozen mint choc chip? Ever spent some time staring at the supermarket freezer door, wondering whether you should just break the diet and indulge in a little sorbet?

Chances are Ben & Jerry’s, the American purveyors of ice creamy goodness for nearly 60 years, have heeded that call.

Ever since their early days in Vermont, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have seen an overwhelming demand for their signature chunky ice cream flavours and have opened franchises across the globe. Their Chapel Street endeavour marks their eighth Australian franchise and we couldn’t be happier.

Eco-friendly and socially aware, this is a brand that will help you do good while making you feel good. At their opening ‘Scoop-a-Thon’, visitors were invited to place a token in a giant charity pint tub of their choice – OzHarvest, Fairtrade or Mission Australia – which would later be matched by the company.

With flavours spanning a rainbow of ideas – from Lemonade Stand Sorbet and Maple Tree Hugger to New York Super Fudge Chunk and Clusterfluff (peanut butter ice cream with caramel and marshmallow) – you will be sure to find a little something to satisfy those ‘just because’ occasions.

Ben and Jerry’s-Broadsheet, 16th November 2012


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