Brown Sugar-Retail Offers, 25th June 2012

PonteAre you wearing the ultimate fabric to hide all ills?

Feel trim and terrific in weary Winter. Ponte is the ultimate fabric for looking fab whilst hiding all ills.

With the cold and wet weather encroaching on our lives, we turn to items of comfort in order to wade through the doldrums.  Read: hearty meals and days tucked up indoors.  While this may work wonders on your mental state, your waistline may not be so lucky, and perish the possibility you need to leave the house.  Enter ponte, the miracle stretch fabric that will suck you in and smooth you out.  A huge hit in the 70’s, ponte pants, dresses and skirts are back in a big way.  We’ve sourced some beauties for you, the fabulous pair in the title pic from Brown Sugar, a steal at only $59.95.  And the best part?  They are not only super comfortable but oh so chic too.

Brown Sugar-Retail Offers, 25th June 2012


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