Converse Kids-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012

Con Kids 1Kids Love Cons

Converse shoes- the perfect walking wear for every stylish tot.

As has been mentioned before on this site, we are avid fans of mini Cons, the kicks du jour for our beloved little ones.

Con Kids 2

Started way back in 1908 as an exercise in rubber soled shoes, the Converse brand was tied to basketball, and quickly became a cult item. The ultimate in comfort and cool, Cons still retain their popularity today.

Made in a range of colours, prints, fabrics-you name it they’ve tried it-these sneakers have been gracing the feet of sportsmen and celebs for years.  And in their latest incarnation they have made their way to the tootsies of the tinies.

We reckon if it’s good enough for a Baby Spice and a Kool Kardashian Kid, it’s good enough for us too! Get your hands on a pair for your little one today and watch them scour the streets in style.

Converse Kids-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012


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