David’s-Broadsheet, June 2012

David'sPhotography: Kristoffer Paulsen


David Zhou- the man whose Chapel Street Oriental Teahouse made Yum Cha an everyday staple rather than a Sunday treat has always loved a challenge. Which is perhaps why his Cecil Street restaurant David’s continues to be so popular.

A revamp in 2012 saw the restaurants’s original interior make way for a lighter, more casual, country feel that maintains its Shanghai authenticity. Transformed by the team at Hecker Guthrie, the walls are whitewashed, with an eclectic array of wooden chairs surrounding the tables and Chinoiserie-style lamps residing on the walls.

Using quality, fresh, local ingredients, the food itself is designed to be non-fussy and can be shared amongst the table in an effortless fashion. The menu offers treats from the garden to the sea, including a number of offerings unlikely to be found anywhere else. All dishes are designed to be shared and all made to sit cleanly on the palate. From the ‘One Bite’ soft shell river prawns to the DIY pork belly buns, Zhou “loves to let the food do the talking”.

David’s is so relaxed in fact, that while table service is of course on offer, should you feel uncomfortable hassling waiters, you can simply help yourself to extra sauce and the like at the self serve stand in the centre of the restaurant.

All in all, David’s has a timeless charm.

David’s-Broadsheet, June 2012

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