DOCA Pet-Four, 28th August 2012


Built to last

In an era where every aspect of our lives can be intrinsically stylish in every way, it was only a matter of time before someone took the humble pet food and water bowls and turned them into something fabulous. A fine example of this new homewares trend comes from American designer Luke Wong, whose clean lines and slick creations are proving a hit amongst the style-conscious set.

Wong wasn’t always a pet furniture designer. Born and raised in Greenwood, Indiana; the founder and creative force of stylish dog and cat homewares label Doca Pet (the name is an amalgamation of DOg and CAt) originally studied interior architecture. After completing a BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, and inspired by his pet Weimaraner Madyson, Wong turned his skills to pet products, and the results are just gorgeous.

Wong says “A lot of the products come from working with fabricators on other projects/pieces and just knowing the capabilities and kind of getting some ideas from design trends that are out there.” These include the Smorgasbord, a cubic stand with a unique raised wood grain texture and the Dogleg Diner, a retro look in powder coated steel that can suit a small or large pet animal friend.

All the pieces are modern and quite architectural — a nod to his background. Wong admits he is not much of a talker, so he expresses himself through design, his “outlet”. Every Doca Pet product is unique and different, but they all have the same modern aesthetic, produced using contemporary materials. The Smorgasbord for example is made using a resin/fiberglass fabricator, ensuring the product is consistent yet functional. Inspired by all manners of people including Donald Judd; at the end of the day Wong created Doca Pet to mix his love of design and commerce whilst producing work that people love.

“I like to design and I like business — Doca Pet allows me to marry the two. Being able to design products that people enjoy is awesome. I get a kick out of being able to see a company grow from an idea and to keep growing.”

With his beloved yet slightly nutty Madyson by his side, Wong is just going from strength to strength and is sure to be making his mark in homes across the globe.

DOCA Pet-Four, 28th August 2012


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