Farage-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012


Impeccable Tailoring For Women and Men

What woman doesn’t look sensational in a pussy bow blouse or tailored shift?  And who can resist a man in a sharp suit, shirt unbuttoned, hair oh-so-carefully tousled?

Aussie brand Farage has been at the forefront of many a fashionista’s mind since it’s inception in 1998.  Creators of impeccably tailored mens and womenswear, and designed AND MADE in Australia; the label has a distinct Parisian flair that can be easily translated from day to night.

As we all know, trends may come and go, but classic never goes out of style.  Adding a look from Farage such as a stunning wool dress or iconic tweed jacket,­­­ will ensure you will never be at a loss for a fabulous outfit.

Every aspect of Farage is carefully curated, and to complement the garments, each of their stores are fitted out in sleek, immaculate style by renowned interior designer Greg Natale.  Pop in and have a look for yourself, and while you are there, spend smarter and pick up a few beautiful investment pieces for yourself at their end of season sale.

Farage-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012


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