Free Stitch-Four, 3rd October 2012

Free Stitch

Easy Peasy Japanesey

Residents of Tokyo have long been known for their ability to start trends, go wild, and never do things by halves — and their pets are by no means an exception. Such is the concept behind Free Stitch. The dog accessory label started by a group of Tokyo-based graphic designers hungry for simple and high quality apparel for their dogs has since morphed into an extensive range of beautiful goods.

Says Director Tomofumi Komori, “Japanese suppliers, retailers and consumers are looking towards the future of pet care in Japan, and are encouraging a balanced lifestyle between owners and their dogs. To others, it may seem like Japanese people are too crazy about their pets but for us it is just another way of enjoying our lives with our pets.”

Free Stitch’s parent company, Full Size Image Corp, is known for brand identities and design for fashion and interiors and everything in between; and the expertise carries through to the dog line. The understated products stand out precisely as a result of their high-quality design and sophistication; and range from dog collars and jackets to tote bags and bedding (with most materials sourced locally.)

The campaigns, which are nothing short of gorgeous, are shot by in-house photographers renowned for their portraiture skills. The pups featured are in themselves an interesting bunch found in all manner of places. Some, like cute Chihuahua Papiko, were scouted at a charity photoshoot (she ended up with second place after killing it in the clothes), others are selected from applications submitted through their website. As part of their ongoing animal support, Free Stitch also ensure at least one dog included in the catalogue comes from a shelter “to encourage people to change their lives with their pets for the better through the brand message.”

The company’s approach is to never take themselves too seriously, and still manage to create a quality result. Says Komori, “I think it’s important to have a sense of humor when working with animals because a lot of things go wrong or sometimes the dogs don’t do what we want to them do, however I also think that running this company needs a sense of balance. It is important to be serious about the challenges we face and our commitment to quality, but also to enjoy the working environment and the joys of working with pets”.

With such fine products and a brand made with heart, Free Stitch is on the right track.

Images Courtesy of Free Stitch

Free Stitch-Four, 3rd October 2012


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