Get International Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 12th September 2012

Part One-L.A.

While Australia is undoubtedly a nation where fashion is at the forefront; there are always times when it’s fun to shake things up and pull from international flair. This week we’re chronicling the City of Angels and what to wear when staking out the city.


Who could resist a day at the happiest place on Earth? Keep it casual and comfortable in lightweight fabrics-remember you could be tapping you toes in a queue for a while. Don’t take your outfit too seriously, fashion should be fun, and what better place to run with it!


The Beach

Who could venture to Cali without a day spent on the sand? When in LA spend some time on Venice Beach, or head to Santa Monica for the pier. Mum and Dad can relax while the little ones play, and you can all go nuts on hot dogs and fairy floss. A hot pair of bathers is a must and of course shades are essential.


Wine and Dine

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LA? In a word-Glamour.  Los Angeles is the place where stars come out to shine so why should you be any different?  Whip out a beautiful dress and killer heels, and enjoy a fabulous night on the town. Remember, colour is an essential element in sun drenched cities, so don’t be afraid to go bright! Just ensure you keep your overall tones consistent.

Dinner BrightsGet International Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 12th September 2012


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