La Petite Creperie-Broadsheet, 30th April 2012

cylinderPhotography: Josie Withers

A City News Cylinder gets a French Facelift

La Petite Creperie offers city slickers crepes on the quick.

As far as takeaway joints go, the newly established La Petite Creperie in the CBD is certainly one of the more innovative.

Life and work partners Michael Gatta-Castel and Patrizia Maselli met whilst Maselli was holidaying in Gatta-Castel’s native France. It was there that she was introduced to the humble crepe and as their love story travelled to Melbourne, so did their passion for French cuisine.

In 2008, the pair opened Creperie Le Triskel in Hardware Lane, the restaurant-cum-patisserie where traditional French fare is devoured by the masses.

The couple now present La Petite Creperie, a takeaway crepe stand already delighting swathes of city locals, workers and tourists. Operating all day, seven days a week, the creperie is housed in a cylindrical former newsstand on the corner of Swanston Street and Little Collins, opposite the Town Hall.

Unlike other garden variety takeaway stands, this is the first time a creperie has been created on such a small scale, with health codes and a whole lot of red tape rearing their ugly heads. However, as Maselli attests, the whole endeavour was challenging but worth it.

The crepes themselves are all made French-style, served by French staff in an idyllic space replete with French style ornaments and hand-painted doors.

Currently only serving sweet crepes (with savoury treats on the cards), all toppings – from traditional salted caramel and chocolate to jam and maple syrup – are homemade or sourced from quality manufacturers. Delicieux.

La Petite Creperie-Broadsheet, 30th April 2012


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