Lee Matthews-Retail Offers, 8th August 2012


On Neutral Ground

Embrace your inner Earth Goddess with the classic, neutral-hued wonders from Lee Mathews.

Lee Mathews is an Australian label that has brought classic, everyday wear with a twist to Australian homes since its inception some 11 years ago. All garments boast a unique handmade aesthetic and are made using all natural fabrics-a rarity in today’s world of fast-food fashion. Each piece is also made with an acute sense of detail, and each offers a special stitch or style quite unlike most.

The beauty of Lee Mathews is that while the label may offer designs in a largely natural palate (they do also offer some beautiful pale colours as well), they are never drab nor are they boring. By focusing on classic hues that can be paired with almost anything, you are guaranteed to find a fabulous garment to be embraced and worn with fervor.

Lee Mathews also knows the recipe for a killer outfit, the tiny details and accessories that should be embraced to take your look to the next level. Think camisoles, slips and scarves-the little things that make a big difference.

Lee Matthews-Retail Offers, 8th August 2012


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