Lucky Coq-Broadsheet, November 2012

coqPhotography: Josie Withers

Lucky Coq

Looking for a laidback pub complete with an economical meal and a few games of pool? If you stumble down Chapel Street you will be more likely to find a swanky bar (with swanky prices), or a serious dive, that may be cheap but it certainly ain’t cheerful. So where to visit down Windsor way?

The answer is Lucky Coq, nestled conspicuously on the corner of Chapel and High. The sibling establishment to Brunswick Street’s Bimbo Deluxe, this is the place to smash a cheap pizza or two, listen to resident DJs and while away the hours in the noisy beer garden on the second floor.

The establishment’s shining light is its $4 pizzas. Indeed, as far as $4 pizzas go, Lucky Coq is second to none. With an assortment of toppings ranging from haloumi or lamb and leek sausage, to calamari and calabrese, these babies are a lot more appetising than that sweaty mess of cheese and elfin handful of ham that one would expect for such a low price point.

Yes, it’s a little dim and the furniture’s a little old, but Lucky Coq is a laidback local that can’t be beat.

Lucky Coq-Broadsheet, November 2012


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