Sartago-Broadsheet, August 2012

SartagoPhotography: Martina Gemmola


Sometimes in life, you come across something that can be labelled neither black nor white. Such is the case with Sartago in Richmond, the lovechild of owner and head chef Riccardo Messora (previously of Enoteca and Café e Cucina) and his partner Marina Geffrelot, whose atmosphere and menu cannot be defined by one particular culture or cuisine.

Rather, the space thrives on the many different elements and ingredients that blend effortlessly together. In fact, the title Sartago comes from the Latin meaning ‘frying pan’, for as Messora says “we are the frying pan of the Mediterranean”.

Both Messora and Geffrelot have spent a substantial amount of time living and travelling through Europe and the menu reflects this. Gin is served because the couple met in London, apple cider is on offer as a nod to Geffrelot’s hometown in France, and mangos represent their time in our sunburnt country.

Where possible, all produce is sourced locally then prepared by Messora himself. For the goat tagine, a signature dish, Messora sources the goat from his long-time butcher, then strips the carcass himself, carefully utilising each and every piece of bone and flesh to create the mouth-watering dish.

The hands-on approach does not stop there, with Messora hosting Saturday morning cooking classes, warmly received by all who attend.

So if you’re at a loss for which part of Europe your taste buds are craving, head to Sartago and feast from the frying pan.

Sartago-Broadsheet, August 2012


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