Seduce-Retail Offers, 12th June 2012


Keep warm this winter with a luscious fur from Seduce-the ultimate in luxurious glamour.

Is there anything sexier than fur? Loved and adored by the old and young, fur is coveted by timeless, fashionable celebs the world over-think Bianca Jagger, Jackie O, Kate Moss and the Devil in Prada herself Ms Anna Wintour.

Unfortunately for us mere mortals, fur can be elusive due to astronomical prices.  Enter Seduce, the sexy Australian womenswear label that will keep you draped in lustrous fur without needing to take out a second mortgage.

This season, not only is their latest Autumn/Winter collection wallet friendly, it’s beautiful too.  Running the gamut of fashion attire, the collection features vests, jackets and collars available in neutrals, blues, and sassy stripes.

Perfect paired with skinny jeans for lunch with the gals, or draped over a frock for a fabulous night on the town, fur is an investment item that will last the test of time in your wardrobe.

So find your inner Jagger and head to Seduce for a little bit of luxe.

Seduce-Retail Offers, 12th June 2012


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