The Great Gosling-Retail Offers 23rd October 2012

The Great Gosling

Girls may love him for his weepy turn in romantic classic the Notebook, blokes may be a little more fond of his edgy turn in Drive. Whatever your Ryan Gosling presence, you cannot deny the man’s got some serious style. Whether dressing down in a casual tee at the airport before jetting off to faraway places, or donning a little leather and a whole lot of edge for a day on the town, Gosling never ceases to look slick. And don’t get us started on his red carpet panache…

Is there anything better than a well cut t-shirt on a man? Particularly when that man has the body of an Adonis-Emma Stone was on the money when she said Ryan looked like he’d been photoshopped! Guys, do yourself a favour and invest in a classic tee-a bold stripe adds interest without leaving you feeling ‘overdone’. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not opt for a deep vee and show a little skin. Warning-not for the faint of heart. And if you feel the need to add a bit of bling, make sure it’s a fine chain-chunky gold is never a good look.

gos 3Any man looks great in a classic pair of jeans and a smart jacket, particularly if it’s a bit of bad boy leather. Layering up in neutral colours is a surefire way to get keep warm while still looking effortlessly cool. A backpack is a great investment too-your very own manbag! If it’s good enough for Gosling…

gos 2This look is a little more Gatsby-esque, and calls for lounging in the garden at an afternoon soiree. Should you feel the need to amp up the outfit for a dressier feel; a striped tie will do just the thing, and leave you looking Eva Mendes-worthy all night long. Yes, suits can lean towards the exxier side of the scale, but it’s a piece you will have for years! Never underestimate the appeal of a well cut suit-Gosling doesn’t.

gos 1

The Great Gosling-Retail Offers 23rd October 2012

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