The Rise and Rise of the Lazy Dresser-Retail Offers, 13th July 2012

Lazy DressingThe rise and rise of the lazy dresser.

From fancy pyjamas to uggs and leggings why do people waste their wardrobes?

Is it just me, or are the general populace gradually becoming lazy in their routines of daily dressing?  Once upon a time women would rise before dawn to carefully lace themselves into a corset, slip, hoops and dress, then follow with a few hours at the mirror primping, preening, hair curling and face painting.  In fact, you are far more likely to catch well-groomed bloke than you are a lady (case in point: Zac Efron and his perfectly primped coif).

Nowadays you would be unlikely to find many bothering to put a brush through their hair, preferring to master the ‘bed-head look’.  Ok so maybe I myself have succumbed, just once or twice to the bedhead hair.  SO SUE ME.  However, when it comes to clothing there is simply no excuse.

Case in point-leggings as pants.  People, unless you are in a pilates class or off for a run, this is simply unacceptable!  Yes we appreciate you have lovely legs, but covering them in nothing more than latex does not a proper outfit make.

Secondly, ugg boots should not be worn outside the home, EVER.  Yes they are a fabulous garment, that will keep your tootsies oh-so-toasty and certainly a shoe that should be celebrated.  However, uggs are to be teemed with tracksuit pants and a comfy couch.  End of story.

And finally, the most recent abomination in the genre of lazy dressing-pyjamawear.  OMG and WTF.  These are perfectly appropriate for inside your abode but donning them for a movie premiere? Not OK.

I don’t know how or why this trend has started but lets band together to stop the madness!  Next time you find yourself venturing out amongst the general populace, ditch your inner slob and pull on some jeans. Because when you look good, you feel good and really isn’t that the real beauty of fashion?

The rise and rise of the lazy dresser-Retail Offers, 13th July 2012


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