Workin’ It at Work-Retail Offers, 10th August 2012

Workin’ it at work!

A few simple tips and guidelines for looking ace in the workplace.

I recently started a new job, and as with all new roles, the most pressing issue on my mind was not whether I would make friends, nor whether I would do a good job, but rather, what the bloody hell should I wear?

Having spent my younger years in the seemingly stifled but effortless haven of a school uniform, the very thought of office dressing has struck me with pure fear, and I am often to be found frozen in panic at the wardrobe door. Finding the line between being ridiculously over or underdressed can be tricky, so in an effort to stop the madness I have whittled it down to the basics.


Just because you have to wear a suit does not mean you should compromise on style.  A bold colour or patterned shirt will do wonders with a navy/black/grey suit, and prove you are not just another corporate hack. Likewise an interesting cuff or statement necklace can take your outfit from drab to divine.



This one is the trickiest.  While you don’t need to don a structured jacket, jeans just won’t cut the mustard.  Smart spenders know the importance of investment pieces, so buy yourself a well-cut pair of pants and a great skirt, and mix and match with tops that fit well and add a bit of interest.

Work-Smart CasualSmart Casual

Please note: Casual does not mean LAZY!!  Yes denim is acceptable but tracksuit pants are not!  There is NO excuse for looking like a slob.  While you lucky people can don jeans and a tee with gay abandon, ensure you are always neat and tidy. Clean shoes, clean hair, no visible rips or (ew) stains.  Remember, looking good always makes you feel good.

Workin’ It at Work-Retail Offers, 10th August 2012


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