David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012

Sportsman Style

Channel your inner soccer God with the epic stylings of Mr Beckham.

Forgive me for gushing but Wow!  I had forgotten what a good looking fella David Beckham really is!! Those eyes, that hair, that body…..

But I digress.

Becks is the name on everyone’s lips right now, with rumours rife over his next soccer appointment now he has played his final match for LA Galaxy.

Whatever he may so choose (Australia pretty please!!), one area he will forever remain a constant in is the style stakes. From his crazy hairdo’s, to his plethora of tatts, the man can make anything look seriously good.

Debonair Dad

Is there anything more attractive than a cute Dad? Whether he’s out watching the boys play soccer, or toting little Harper round town; Beckham always looks sharp. Dressed up or down he’s definitely giving Posh a run for her money at the school pickup!


Hats off to Becks

Yes David does have some seriously good hair, but on the days he’s just not feeling it, you will find him sporting a flat cap or knitted beanie. A good hat ups the cool factor of any guys attire, with the added bonus of keeping his noggin toasty warm.


Red Carpet Ready

Like any A-Lister, you are likely to find Becks walking the red carpet, Victoria on his arm, outfit sharp and ready to rock. Becks knows the importance of the little details, and shows us how a pocket hankerchief and tie bar can bring an outfit from a 9 to a 10.


David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012


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