Kubrick the Dog-Four, 19th December 2012

FourMagazine_Kubrick_06Image courtesy of Sean Ellis

A Dog Odyssey

At Four&Sons we meet a lot of pretty cool dogs. Kubrick, the beloved four-legged friend of photographer Sean Ellis, may just be the coolest. Just like his namesake, Hungarian Vizsla Kubrick lived an artistic existence, and before his death of cancer in 2009 shared a highly creative life with his master.

Ellis, a self-taught photographer, began taking photos at age 11 in his hometown of Brighton, England — a world away from the fast paced lifestyle he exists in today. “I got into photography because of my father. He was a keen amateur and showed me how to set an exposure on our family camera. I was hooked from then” he recalls.

When he moved to London in 1994, Ellis began his swift ascent up the fashion photography ladder, gradually building a client list which reads better than an Academy or CFDA Awards guest list and a portfolio which includes the likes of acclaimed fashion bibles i-D, The Face and various international Vogue’s and BAZAAR’s. He has also delved into the world of filmmaking including the Oscar-nominated short Cashback, and created ad campaigns for everyone from H&M to Jean Paul Gaultier.

Along the way Kubrick remained by Ellis’ side, accompanying the photographer at every turn to become a part of the action himself. Says Ellis, “throughout his life Kubrick accompanied me on most of my shoots. I just got into the habit of taking a portrait of him with whoever I was working with.”

Such is the impressive caliber of these shoots they have now been compiled into a book, Kubrick the Dog, which includes the best images of Kubrick throughout his life. The coffee table tome consists of 12 years of pictures — some from photoshoots, others documenting his battle with cancer. With a forward text by old friend and fashion icon Stella McCartney, the book showcases a dog who was a little bit naughty and a little bit human. A dog who was just as much at home on set as he was making a beeline for diners picnic baskets at the park.

Compiling the images was “cathartic” says Ellis, and he is thrilled so many people will get to enjoy Kubrick’s life just as he did over the years.  A beautiful book with a whole lot of heart, we think Kubrick would be proud

To see more of Sean Ellis’s work click here
Kubrick the dog is available at Amazon

Kubrick the Dog-Four, 19th December 2012


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