Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013


Who says accessories are just for girls?

 While girls have always known the genius of a well placed accessory to take an outfit from yawn to yee-hah, our XY affiliates are often blind to the fact that they can too. We’re not talking diamond earrings here but tasteful and classic pieces that often serve a functional purpose as well!

For those keen for their man to just dip a toe in the watery world of ornamental garb, be aware that slow and steady wins the race. This is not an episode of Jersey Shore, and Kanye-style bling is not on the menu. Your guy needn’t be afraid, there are many mancessories that can be tasteful and not at all scary! For starters a good watch goes with any outfit, no matter the dress code-try a chunky silver style or a classic leather strap.  Another easy add-on is a scarf, and as a bonus he’ll be warm as toast while still looking super cool.

manacc3Stepping it up a notch are those who are prepared to trial something a little less “traditionally” male. Think a little pendant, a cool pair of glasses or even a hat (note: NOT a baseball cap!) while out having coffee. The trick is to keep the colours neutral and tie it in with what he’s wearing. Simple is best, as is clean and tidy, so cinch his pants with another classic accessory-the belt. No one wants to see a beer gut hanging over pants or a thick gold chain tangled in a hairy chest.


Then there are those who aren’t afraid to go all out!  Often seen on the heads and bodies of hipsters, these guys want to try it all and all at once, from bracelets to manbags. Johnny Depp is a prime example here, and we can reveal the secret of his style success-confidence.  Anything can be worn with aplomb if you have a little faith.  If he feels good he will look good too!  This Valentine’s Day why not help him try the trend, and he can show his fellow males just how it’s done.


Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013


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