AW13 Man Trends-Retail Offers, 11th March 2013

The Stylish Gentleman

Guys, get savvy this season with all the latest catwalk looks.

Despite the sunshine that refuses to dissipate (and thank goodness for that), it is time to face facts that winter is on its way, and our wardrobes need to be adjusted accordingly. While it may seem that for a bloke to be fashionable he must be decked solely in wild catwalk gear, the reality is they can rock the trends and feel good about it in the process.

For Autumn/Winter 13, colour made a valiant appearance in all manners of ways from slacks in rustic hues, pastel knits and bold blazers. Pair autumnal browns, reds and yellows all together, or go safe with a coloured jumper and jeans or a vibrant fedora.  Maybe even channel your inner hipster with a colourful blazer and rolled up chino?

Image-1cPrints were also awash on the runways, with jumpers and accessories leading the charge. Camouflage, argyle, abstract-you name it, it was there. While the ladies have embraced the trend whole-heartedly wearing everything from printed pants to clashing styles; the guys are less obvious and are best suited to a capricious tie or a vivid pair of canvas flats.

Image-2cAutumn/Winter is also a time for textures, an opportunity to break through from the doldrums of mere cotton and denim. Warmth does not just mean wool. Why not pair your jeans with a tweed or velvet jacket? Or give jeans the flick all together in favour of stylish corduroys. This is a trend that will stand the test of time and will implement maximum effect with minimum effort.

Image-3cAW13 Man Trends-Retail Offers, 11th March 2013


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