Hugo Boss-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Hugo Boss

The name Hugo Boss is one steeped in luxury; a brand that continues to produce iconic ranges season after season. For Autumn/Winter the collections are no different, with BOSS Black and BOSS Orange adorning men and women in timeless classics, that stay fresh and exciting but still true to the Hugo BOSS aesthetic.

This season, the sophisticated BOSS Black Womenswear line pulls from Old Hollywood, creating a series of garments perfect for any confident modern woman. Luxe fabrics in monochromatic hues are punctuated with hits of feminine rose and ocean turquoise, and outfits are completed with animal-print heels and handbags with golden hardware.  Elegance at its finest.

RO_HB_Image 1BOSS Black Menswear retains its sleek, high-quality demeanour this season whilst embracing an almost bohemian nod to 1950’s New York and the thriving artist scene of the time.  Butter-soft leather jackets hug chunky knits in Autumnal hues, and manbags in classic styles prove the ultimate accessory.

RO_HB_Image 2

For Autumn/Winter, BOSS Orange Womenswear pays homage to folklore traditions and references fashion, literature, music and dance of the era. Volume plays a key role here and rustic accents dominate. Think rabbit fur jackets in wine red, leather tasseled bags and earth-hued patterns that would make Joni Mitchell melt.

What woman doesn’t love a truly masculine man? The Autumn/Winter BOSS Orange male takes his cues from rough and ready wharfies, replete with plaid shirts, sturdy leather boots and washed denim. But while he may be rough round the edges, the interior’s all about style.

RO_HB_Image 4


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