Family Matters-Broadsheet, 20th March 2013/Autumn Print Edition 2013

miletPhotography: Eve Wilson


Mileto’s restaurant and deli in Windsor is named after the family that owns it, runs the place and lives upstairs. Managed by Laura and Pepe Mileto, the humble eatery is run like a family home, with help from daughter Sarah on the floor and at the counter, and son James manning the coffee machine.

Originally from South Gippsland, both Laura and Pepe have an Italian heritage as well as backgrounds in farming. Suffice to say, the two have “always worked together”. And it has become the family way. “I love the idea of us working altogether,” says Sarah, “and I love having everyone here with me.”

The secret of the Mileto’s success is their ability to nurture their clientele, just as they would their family unit. Regulars are greeted by name and dishes like minestrone and focaccia are made in-house daily. “Our customers come here and they feel very welcome, like they are having a meal in their own home,” says Laura.

And just like in a family home, the Mileto’s have learnt everything they know from their loved ones. “My Mum was the most amazing cook,” says Laura. “She taught me everything I know, which I have then passed on to my daughter.”

Family Matters-Broadsheet, 20th March 2013/Autumn Print Edition 2013


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