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Hugo Boss-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Hugo Boss

The name Hugo Boss is one steeped in luxury; a brand that continues to produce iconic ranges season after season. For Autumn/Winter the collections are no different, with BOSS Black and BOSS Orange adorning men and women in timeless classics, that stay fresh and exciting but still true to the Hugo BOSS aesthetic.

This season, the sophisticated BOSS Black Womenswear line pulls from Old Hollywood, creating a series of garments perfect for any confident modern woman. Luxe fabrics in monochromatic hues are punctuated with hits of feminine rose and ocean turquoise, and outfits are completed with animal-print heels and handbags with golden hardware.  Elegance at its finest.

RO_HB_Image 1BOSS Black Menswear retains its sleek, high-quality demeanour this season whilst embracing an almost bohemian nod to 1950’s New York and the thriving artist scene of the time.  Butter-soft leather jackets hug chunky knits in Autumnal hues, and manbags in classic styles prove the ultimate accessory.

RO_HB_Image 2

For Autumn/Winter, BOSS Orange Womenswear pays homage to folklore traditions and references fashion, literature, music and dance of the era. Volume plays a key role here and rustic accents dominate. Think rabbit fur jackets in wine red, leather tasseled bags and earth-hued patterns that would make Joni Mitchell melt.

What woman doesn’t love a truly masculine man? The Autumn/Winter BOSS Orange male takes his cues from rough and ready wharfies, replete with plaid shirts, sturdy leather boots and washed denim. But while he may be rough round the edges, the interior’s all about style.

RO_HB_Image 4


Leona Edmiston-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Leona Edmiston

Is there anything more flattering than a wrap dress? Seriously, no matter your size, shape, or height, there is a wrap dress out there that will give you a waist where there was none, boost your bust discretely, and hide those pesky lumps and bumps from sight.

Each season, our very own wrap queen Leona Edmiston brings us a series of these dresses that will remain staples in your wardrobe for both work and play until the end of time.  And if the wrap dress is not your thing don’t fret-there’s plenty more gorgeous goodies to be found from Leona.


Leona Edmiston-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Ware the Dog-Four, 27th February 2013

FourAndSons_WareOfTheDog_032Image courtesy of Ware of the Dog

Ware It Well

Tom Scott and Jackie Rosenthal know a thing or two about fashion. Jackie worked for many years as Sales Director and merchandiser for several fashion houses in both New York and Paris, and Tom spent seven years at Ralph Lauren before starting his own line of atypical knitwear in 2001. The two met through a mutual friend one New Year’s Eve in New York and the two became fast friends.

It was only a matter of time then that Tom’s skills in textile and fashion design would merge with Jackie’s background in business and sales and enthusiasm for modern design. Enter Ware of the Dog. Says Rosenthal “We were walking the dogs one summer afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and started talking about how fun it would be to design a line of pet accessories. We walked by a “Beware of the Dog” sign on a fence and the name was born.”

From here Rosenthal’s Coton De Tulear Hugo and Scott’s 12 year old Beagle Linus became modern muses for their stylish line of gear for the modern mutt, with Hugo playing inspiration for the hairy sweater and Linus modelling for their sleek website’s sketches (when he wasn’t angling for snacks that is).

While they are inspired by art, film and modern design, each piece is made with a whole lot more.“Tom and I work a lot from a feeling, an emotion more so than a concrete reference. We hope to offer innovative, beautifully made products for dogs. The company was started on the basis of creation, so we are constantly trying to make things in a way that is different from what you currently find in the pet accessory market,” says Rosenthal.

All the great creatives put a little love into their products, and these two are no exception, with everything from product execution to site photography to marketing strategies reflecting their “sense of humor, love of design and craftsmanship.”

While Ware of the Dog currently focuses on jumpers, leashes and collars, there are many exciting new challenges in the pipeline too, including a series of artist collaborations, international expansion and all new items for Fall 2013.  There’s exciting times ahead and these two are doing it in style.

Ware the Dog-Four, 27th February 2013

5 and Dime-Broadsheet, 21st February 2013

5Photography: Josie Withers

Decent Bagels in Melbourne? Fuggedaboutit!

5 and Dime is bringing a New York staple to Melbourne foodies.

When we think of the Big Apple, we conjure images of towering skylines, irate taxi drivers and everyone’s favourite brunch staple – the bagel.

Those who have feasted on a good, fresh bagel – the iconic snack adored by all New Yorkers – will know that good Melbourne iterations are few and far between. Until now.

Since New Jersey native and former Taxi chef Zev Forman moved here some four years ago, the perfect bagel continued to elude him, and so he set out to make it himself. Enter 5 and Dime Bagel, his new venture coming to a farmers’ market near you.

While Forman stresses his are not the “authentic, traditional” bagels one could only find in New York State, they are most certainly the real deal, and Forman has scoured the States to perfect his handmade recipe.

“A 5 and Dime was a variety store in rural America, like where I grew up,” Forman recalls. “Most have gone out of business, but to me they represent a time when things were made by people, not machines. Where quality and value were not mutually exclusive and where local was not just a buzzword, but was the way things were done. I wanted to reference a bygone era and an idea of doing things the way they are meant to be, even if it is harder.”

The bagel making process is a long one, but the end result is more than worth it. Firstly, a poolish (a sponge-like fermentation starter used in all good bagels) is created and left to ferment for 24 hours before being mixed into the dough, rolled into bagels and left to cold ferment for another 24 hours. The bagels are then boiled, baked on traditional bagel boards and flipped onto the stones.

The bagel types vary from ‘classic’ to ‘everything’ (garlic, onion, sesame, poppy and sea salt), are lathered in a variety of cream cheeses (including vegan and bacon flavoured) and topped with a host of goodies, from salads to salmon and capers (but of course). We can almost hear the taxis honking and sirens blaring in the background.

5 and Dime-Broadsheet, 21st February 2013

First We Fall-Broadsheet, 21st February 2013

first we fallImage: Clare Plueckhahn

Underwater Artistry

Clare Plueckhahn’s first solo exhibition is a liquid spectacle to behold.

Clare Plueckhahn is a woman with some serious skills. The primarily commercial photographer and film director has spent some solid hours behind the camera, working with food, fashion and action sports for a variety of clients including Billabong, Le Tan and Rip Curl.

Her latest venture, however, is of a far more personal nature. First We Fall documents humanity’s natural fear of failure through a series of dreamlike underwater stills, captured on the shores of Byron Bay. The title is especially fitting for Plueckhahn as her exhibition is one that she has always dreamt of, but has taken seven years to realise.

With all prints available for purchase, the exhibition features eight large-scale photographs of surfer Taylor Miller “drowning or fighting to find a way out”, and one stunning underwater landscape. The exhibition was produced by Cos We Can, the boutique film production company Plueckhahn runs with business partner Fran Derham, which has already made a name for itself for its emotive surfing films. First We Fall, however, “is not what you would call a surfing series, but more an artistic, abstract series combining both the surf and things I love”, says Plueckhahn.

First We Fall-Broadsheet, 21st February 2013

Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013


Who says accessories are just for girls?

 While girls have always known the genius of a well placed accessory to take an outfit from yawn to yee-hah, our XY affiliates are often blind to the fact that they can too. We’re not talking diamond earrings here but tasteful and classic pieces that often serve a functional purpose as well!

For those keen for their man to just dip a toe in the watery world of ornamental garb, be aware that slow and steady wins the race. This is not an episode of Jersey Shore, and Kanye-style bling is not on the menu. Your guy needn’t be afraid, there are many mancessories that can be tasteful and not at all scary! For starters a good watch goes with any outfit, no matter the dress code-try a chunky silver style or a classic leather strap.  Another easy add-on is a scarf, and as a bonus he’ll be warm as toast while still looking super cool.

manacc3Stepping it up a notch are those who are prepared to trial something a little less “traditionally” male. Think a little pendant, a cool pair of glasses or even a hat (note: NOT a baseball cap!) while out having coffee. The trick is to keep the colours neutral and tie it in with what he’s wearing. Simple is best, as is clean and tidy, so cinch his pants with another classic accessory-the belt. No one wants to see a beer gut hanging over pants or a thick gold chain tangled in a hairy chest.


Then there are those who aren’t afraid to go all out!  Often seen on the heads and bodies of hipsters, these guys want to try it all and all at once, from bracelets to manbags. Johnny Depp is a prime example here, and we can reveal the secret of his style success-confidence.  Anything can be worn with aplomb if you have a little faith.  If he feels good he will look good too!  This Valentine’s Day why not help him try the trend, and he can show his fellow males just how it’s done.


Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013

Cheap Eats: Windsor & Prahran-Broadsheet, 21st January 2013

10 dollarPhotography: Josie Withers

Top 10 Cheap Eats Under $10: Prahran and Windsor

Skip pricey lunches and eat like a king on the cheap.

Fashionable Windsor and Prahran are home to some of our favourite boutique stores, op-shops and watering holes, with the motley, ever-shifting patchwork that is Chapel Street at their core. While there are plenty of windows to shop and rowdy nights out to be had, you may not be aware of some great lunch spots that will leave both you and your wallet satisfied.

We’ve tracked down the neighbourhood’s top 10 eats under $10 to satisfy your every craving. From fresh salads and crispy baguettes to famous falafels, you’ll never go hungry until payday again.

1. Sushi at Claringbolds (Prahran Market) – eight pieces for $8
There’s only one place in this neighbourhood to get excellent sushi that won’t hurt your hip pocket – Claringbolds. Located in the meat, poultry and fish section of the Prahran market, this fresh fish purveyor has a constant queue for good reason. The hearty California rolls are made with only the best seafood and veg, and at $1 apiece there’s no way you’ll need more than 8 to feel full.

2. Roast pork banh mi from Nguyen’s Hot Bread – $5
128 Chapel Street, Windsor
Is there anything better then a fresh banh mi, straight out of the oven? Made with the perfect salad (how on Earth do they julienne those carrots so well?), fresh roast pork and of course, a crisp and crunchy roll, and all for less than a $10, you will be hard pressed not to buy one of these babies every day of the week.

3. Pho from Hanoi Hannah – $9.50
The ultimate in a cheap and hearty dish, pho is usually associated with our Richmond neighbours in Victoria Street. Hanoi Hannah’s offering is based on typical hawker-style fare with a modern twist, and is the go-to option for chicken or beef pho on this side of the Yarra.

4. Falafel plate with the lot at the Falafel Cart (Prahran Market) – $8.90 or $7.40 in pita
If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that mobile food purveyors are well and truly giving traditional eateries a run for their money. It’s not just the vegetarians who adore this spot – everyone will enjoy the plate with the lot, complete with four falafels, a delicious range of dips (including homemade hummus) and a variety of fresh salads.

5. Salad Rolls at Mileto’s – $8 to $9.50 br/> Mileto’s is a friendly, family-run business with a supreme deli, which certainly come to the fore in their delicious salad rolls. Whether it’s prosciutto, salami, beef or chicken that floats your boat, you’ll love these made-to-order sangas and their range of accompanying fillings, including fresh pecorino cheese and caramelised onions.

6. Chop Chop Lunch at David’s – $10
If you’re hanging out for payday and too broke to eat, David’s has come to the rescue with its epic Chop Chop express lunch. If it’s a little Asian flair you’re craving, head to Cecil Street and pick two of the small but satisfying choices on offer, which include bao, dumplings or even Peking duck wraps.

7. Fish Burrito at Hooked – $8.95
The team at Hooked is known for their fresh, quality fish and the burrito is no exception. Grilled grenadier is lovingly lavished with baja sauce, red onion, fresh coleslaw and Hooked’s homemade spicy salsa, leaving you full and satisfied without the glut of stodgy beer batter and greasy chips.

8. Pumpkin and chickpea pastie at Windsor Deli – $9.50
The healthier but equally delicious cousin to the pie, you can’t beat a pastie for a filling and delicious lunch. As with all the goods at Windsor Deli, the homemade vegan pumpkin and chickpea version is a delight that is served with a small side salad and a pot of house-made chutney should you require an extra kick.

9. Curry at My Restaurant & Takeaway – $7.90 vegetarian, $9.90 meat
When Windsor and Prahran locals talk curry, the resounding favourite is My Restaurant & Takeaway – the unassuming, authentic, canteen-style shop near the corner of High and Chapel Streets in Prahran. With vegetarian and carnivorous options ranging from butter chicken to potato masala, get in before the secret gets out.

10. Salad from Eats, Shoots and Leaves – $10
For unlucky workers chained to their desk, Eats, Shoots and Leaves will deliver fresh salads that include quinoa, beet, pumpkin, goats cheese and walnut, or spiced brown rice with cauliflower and hazelnut, right to your door. At this stage, they only deliver to the borders of Prahran, but we predict an expansion on the horizon.

Cheap Eats: Windsor & Prahran-Broadsheet, 21st January 2013