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DOCA Pet-Four, 28th August 2012


Built to last

In an era where every aspect of our lives can be intrinsically stylish in every way, it was only a matter of time before someone took the humble pet food and water bowls and turned them into something fabulous. A fine example of this new homewares trend comes from American designer Luke Wong, whose clean lines and slick creations are proving a hit amongst the style-conscious set.

Wong wasn’t always a pet furniture designer. Born and raised in Greenwood, Indiana; the founder and creative force of stylish dog and cat homewares label Doca Pet (the name is an amalgamation of DOg and CAt) originally studied interior architecture. After completing a BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, and inspired by his pet Weimaraner Madyson, Wong turned his skills to pet products, and the results are just gorgeous.

Wong says “A lot of the products come from working with fabricators on other projects/pieces and just knowing the capabilities and kind of getting some ideas from design trends that are out there.” These include the Smorgasbord, a cubic stand with a unique raised wood grain texture and the Dogleg Diner, a retro look in powder coated steel that can suit a small or large pet animal friend.

All the pieces are modern and quite architectural — a nod to his background. Wong admits he is not much of a talker, so he expresses himself through design, his “outlet”. Every Doca Pet product is unique and different, but they all have the same modern aesthetic, produced using contemporary materials. The Smorgasbord for example is made using a resin/fiberglass fabricator, ensuring the product is consistent yet functional. Inspired by all manners of people including Donald Judd; at the end of the day Wong created Doca Pet to mix his love of design and commerce whilst producing work that people love.

“I like to design and I like business — Doca Pet allows me to marry the two. Being able to design products that people enjoy is awesome. I get a kick out of being able to see a company grow from an idea and to keep growing.”

With his beloved yet slightly nutty Madyson by his side, Wong is just going from strength to strength and is sure to be making his mark in homes across the globe.

DOCA Pet-Four, 28th August 2012


Workin’ It at Work-Retail Offers, 10th August 2012

Workin’ it at work!

A few simple tips and guidelines for looking ace in the workplace.

I recently started a new job, and as with all new roles, the most pressing issue on my mind was not whether I would make friends, nor whether I would do a good job, but rather, what the bloody hell should I wear?

Having spent my younger years in the seemingly stifled but effortless haven of a school uniform, the very thought of office dressing has struck me with pure fear, and I am often to be found frozen in panic at the wardrobe door. Finding the line between being ridiculously over or underdressed can be tricky, so in an effort to stop the madness I have whittled it down to the basics.


Just because you have to wear a suit does not mean you should compromise on style.  A bold colour or patterned shirt will do wonders with a navy/black/grey suit, and prove you are not just another corporate hack. Likewise an interesting cuff or statement necklace can take your outfit from drab to divine.



This one is the trickiest.  While you don’t need to don a structured jacket, jeans just won’t cut the mustard.  Smart spenders know the importance of investment pieces, so buy yourself a well-cut pair of pants and a great skirt, and mix and match with tops that fit well and add a bit of interest.

Work-Smart CasualSmart Casual

Please note: Casual does not mean LAZY!!  Yes denim is acceptable but tracksuit pants are not!  There is NO excuse for looking like a slob.  While you lucky people can don jeans and a tee with gay abandon, ensure you are always neat and tidy. Clean shoes, clean hair, no visible rips or (ew) stains.  Remember, looking good always makes you feel good.

Workin’ It at Work-Retail Offers, 10th August 2012

Scanlan and Theodore-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012

Scanlan and TheodoreEternal Sophistication

The label on everyone’s lips for understated elegance is always Scanlan and Theodore.

Looking for an outfit for the races? A wedding? Night on the town? Chances are your first port of call will be Scanlan and Theodore, the uber-chic label that has been winning the hearts and filling the wardrobes of many a fashionista since its inception in 1987.

Originally the brainchild of Gary Theodore and Fiona Scanlan, the label’s ultra sophistication has retained its sleek tailoring and modern yet classic aesthetic all without the need for excessive advertising or a major online presence, no mean feat in this crazy digital reality we live in.

The go-to label for those in the know, Scanlan and Theodore will forever be in a league of their own, and it’s unlikely this will change any time soon.  As seen on celebs like Nicole Richie, Lara Bingle and new Vogue (ex-BAZAAR) staffie Christine Centenera; join those in the know and head into Scanlan for the perfect piece to stand the test of time.

Scanlan and Theodore-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012

Gorman-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012

GormanPrints Please

Go all out or err on the side of caution-Gorman’s delightful prints will liven up any girls wardrobe.

For many years now, fashion houses have indulged in styles erring on the side of caution.  Futuristic visions, unusual structures & shapes, and other such weird and wonderful garments are no longer too crazy for the catwalk but celebrated for their unique appeal.

One trend which once may have caused looks of panic and confusion is now wholly embraced-pattern. Bold hues and whacky prints have emerged triumphant against the classic minimalism so prominent in the 90’s and early noughties.

One label who has welcomed the style and championed it with fervour, is Gorman, whose quirky cool stylings have enraptured Australians for some time now. So how can you incorporate these looks without completely losing it.

Firstly, should you choose to clash your prints, be brave!  Florals can look fab with stripes and polkadots can party with swirls.  A rule of thumb is to keep a semblance of friendly tones (think blues and pinks, autumnals etc.) and feel, remember nearly everything works with monochrome.

For those who love a print but aren’t so keen to embrace the clash, take it a little slower.  Grab a strong block colour and pair it with spots-I’m thinking a hot pink tee with black and white polka dot pants.

If this too scares the bejesus out of you there is a safer route that will still ensure your stylings are successful-accessories.  We’re crushing on the Gorman Triple Triangle Necklace necklace-perfect with any LBD and killer heels.

Gorman-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012

Lee Matthews-Retail Offers, 8th August 2012


On Neutral Ground

Embrace your inner Earth Goddess with the classic, neutral-hued wonders from Lee Mathews.

Lee Mathews is an Australian label that has brought classic, everyday wear with a twist to Australian homes since its inception some 11 years ago. All garments boast a unique handmade aesthetic and are made using all natural fabrics-a rarity in today’s world of fast-food fashion. Each piece is also made with an acute sense of detail, and each offers a special stitch or style quite unlike most.

The beauty of Lee Mathews is that while the label may offer designs in a largely natural palate (they do also offer some beautiful pale colours as well), they are never drab nor are they boring. By focusing on classic hues that can be paired with almost anything, you are guaranteed to find a fabulous garment to be embraced and worn with fervor.

Lee Mathews also knows the recipe for a killer outfit, the tiny details and accessories that should be embraced to take your look to the next level. Think camisoles, slips and scarves-the little things that make a big difference.

Lee Matthews-Retail Offers, 8th August 2012

Sartago-Broadsheet, August 2012

SartagoPhotography: Martina Gemmola


Sometimes in life, you come across something that can be labelled neither black nor white. Such is the case with Sartago in Richmond, the lovechild of owner and head chef Riccardo Messora (previously of Enoteca and Café e Cucina) and his partner Marina Geffrelot, whose atmosphere and menu cannot be defined by one particular culture or cuisine.

Rather, the space thrives on the many different elements and ingredients that blend effortlessly together. In fact, the title Sartago comes from the Latin meaning ‘frying pan’, for as Messora says “we are the frying pan of the Mediterranean”.

Both Messora and Geffrelot have spent a substantial amount of time living and travelling through Europe and the menu reflects this. Gin is served because the couple met in London, apple cider is on offer as a nod to Geffrelot’s hometown in France, and mangos represent their time in our sunburnt country.

Where possible, all produce is sourced locally then prepared by Messora himself. For the goat tagine, a signature dish, Messora sources the goat from his long-time butcher, then strips the carcass himself, carefully utilising each and every piece of bone and flesh to create the mouth-watering dish.

The hands-on approach does not stop there, with Messora hosting Saturday morning cooking classes, warmly received by all who attend.

So if you’re at a loss for which part of Europe your taste buds are craving, head to Sartago and feast from the frying pan.

Sartago-Broadsheet, August 2012

Jacqui E-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012

Jacqui EDress Ups

Go bold and find the perfect dress for any occasion with Jacqui E.

Jacqui E is a name that has been synonymous with Australian fashion since its inception many moons ago. It’s a label that draws from global trends, and embodies contemporary style. It’s a label that knows what women want.

Currently fronted by the magnetic Tara Moss (she of the crime-filled pen and legs that go forever), Jacqui E is forever remaining current and always has a piece or accessory that simply MUST be added into the wardrobe.

One of the biggest trends to emerge from the catwalks this season is bold prints. Not for the faint of heart, a print can well and truly help you stand out in a crowd.  So how to make it work for you?

For a special occasion why not team a printed dress with a black jacket, statement scarf (our pick’s the Penny Pointelle Circular number-individual and interesting), some sky high pumps, a slathering of mascara and a requisite Cosmopolitan.

Warm weather also bodes well for a finely detailed frock. Keep it light with a fun pattern, but still structured with a cinched in waist. Add a straw hat and a game of boule and your set for the perfect Spring or Summer day.

For those who err a little more on the side of wild, why not mix and match your prints? A black and white stripe is the perfect base for a bit of bold and will take your look to the edge. Perfect for nights rocking to your favourite band.

Go forth, be brave and go bold.

Jacqui E-Retail Offers, 9th August 2012